Sustainably to Your Dream Shape

without stress and constant up-and-downs.

Do you put in efforts, time and energy, but don’t see the results you think you deserve?
Do you look for a way to reach the form you desire for too long, feel great and then be able to easily keep it all year round -
while still fully enjoying life?
It is possible! Without stress and restrictions. But with a lot of fun.
The way to get there is as individual as you are. We can show you how.

What You Can Expect and

 Why it works


Personal 1:1 support & accountability from Mimi & team to make sure you reach your goal and get to your desired form.


100% individualised food and activity plans that fit into your everyday life and match your preferences.


Easy to implement strategies for your individual schedule, whether at home, in the office or during business trips.


Smart tricks and tips for you to easily build habits that you are able to keep long term, so you don't have to rely on willpower anymore.


Immediate results without stress, without up-and-down effect and without restrictions on what you like to have on your plate.


Scientific approach supported by experts from the health & sports science as well as medicine field.




There is no such thing as one program!
There isn't the one way to get to your desired results!
Your way of getting there is as individual as YOU are!

We analyse your situation in detail, leaving no stone unturned. We take a close look into what and when you eat, your digestion, sleep, stress level, hormonal balance as well as weekly activities. Then we will develop your individual strategy.

  • Optimized to what’s good to your individual body! 
  • Optimized to bring you the fastest results!
  • To efficiently implement & integrate it into your daily life.
  • Reducing your stress levels and increasing your energy.
  • Changing unhealthy habits such as food cravings or emotional eating.


Clients' Success Stories

Real Results are more valuable than any promises.

That's why we let our customers speak for us:

Allie R. 

(35 I Orange County, California I Teacher & Founder)

"It totally changed my life beyond losing weight!" within 6 months.

"I started in an unsure and unhealthy place. I have tried doing it by my own and continuously failed and thought that I would never achieve what I wanted to achieve until I met Mimi and Markus.

The results were actually so easy and simple for me to achieve. I can really understand my body in so many different areas. It really feels like a lifestyle shift and it becomes second nature!

Even being in different times zones, it was so easy to communicate. The 

coaching experience has been amazing - such an individualised approach was exactly what I needed!"

Hubert S. 

(40 I Netherlands I Managing Director)

"I already lost 5 kg in 2 month time.
It had a huge effect on how I feel energetically."

"I am vegetarian and it became more difficult for me to get the nutrition right. Due to corona, I lost external motivation to stay in a healthy weight and that's what I needed help with.

We started with my sleeping habits and we had a huge effect on how I feel. We took many small steps to get to my goals and that really worked well for me. What I have learned is something I can really take forward to the upcoming years.

It went so easy and smooth and I am really happy that I took that decision!"

Sadaf B. 

(33 I London, United Kingdom I
Head of Model Agency)

"I am super happy with my results"
Got into her personal best shape within 4 months

"Before I came to you, I was lost what advice to take and what not, because there is much information on the internet.

What surprised me most is that I was less active and got better results. The most important is that I got to know my body much better and that my stress has disappeared on a daily basis!

The best thing is that you really tailored it to me and I did not have to worry about it myself anymore. It was so hands on and we touched on everything holistically: my sleep, energy, nutrition, workout, stress, and so much more"

Christian M.

(49 I Grünewald in Munich, Germany I 
CEO International Management)

"I reached a body fat percentage of 18%"
Works on his fitness for healthy aging!

"I am sitting a lot on the desk in my professional career and suffered significantly from back pain, I managed now to work out of it!

Between the age of 30-40, it went down and I realised that I have to work on my fitness to go for the next 40 years. I do a lot of sailing, I do a lot of skiing and if I want to continue doing these things in the next 30 years, I need to work on my basis.

I like the way how you took a holistic approach discussing life circumstance, nutrition circumstances, training ambitious, former life as an athlete and the overall holistic approach."

Who will help you in your journey?

About Us

Mimi Ruth

Certified Fitness Trainer &
Nutrition Expert

Mimi has always been passionate about living a healthy and active life. However, at one point she gained 10 kg and was not happy anymore in her own skin. She felt unfit, uncomfortable and that she was not living on her highest potential as she sabotaged herself over and over again.

She then took the decision to change and after many trials & errors she found out what works for her personally and reached her desired form, energy levels, and body confidence. Since she got to know her own individual body and build a lifestyle around it, it has been easy for Mimi to maintain her dream shape for years.

Excited about this life-changing transformation, Mimi started sharing her journey on Instagram, became a certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, and studied everything she could about individual, healthy & sustainable strategies to get in shape. Coaching countless people from all over the world in the last years, Mimi is now the expert in getting people into their best version & into their dream shape sustainably.

Markus Schneider

Certified Mindset &

Holistic Health Coach

Markus is a certified coach since almost 10 years. He has always been passionate about helping people to use their full potential. In achieving your dream shape it is not only important to follow the right strategies, it's also about having the right mindset to overcome challenges.

Apart from his coaching expertise, Markus went through his own weight loss journey in 2019. He was heavier than 100 kg and his lifestyle had consequences on his sleep, energy levels and digestion. Even though he wasn't living unhealthy, his past approaches didn't work for him. With Mimi's help, he got to know & understand what his body really needs, started doing the right things for him individually & finally lost the excess weight, while putting in less work & efforts in than before.


Today, Markus is in his best shape ever, living a healthy & sustainable lifestyle without any restrictions. For our clients, Markus is the expert for reducing stress, overcoming challenges & building sustainable habits, helping to reach their dream shape & being able to keep it.


How can you work with Mimi Ruth?


Fill out our application form without any obligations, so that my team and me can find out whether and how we can help you.


After receiving your application, one of our team members will call you for a short preliminary chat (approx. 10-15 minutes). At the end of this conversation our team will be able to assess the scope of your optimal coaching and give you a price range.


If we are certain that we can help you, we will offer you a free initial consultation. In this video meeting Mimi will develop the optimal strategy for you personally to reach your goal and clarify all open questions. Afterwards, both sides have the choice to decide on whether to work together.



Kind regards

Mimi Ruth

Expert for long lasting weight loss and

getting you in your dream shape

The coaching leads you step by step to a healthier lifestyle and sooner than you could imagine, you find yourself in a better place, all thanks to the helpful guidelines. Mimi aspires to help you in whatever way she can, motivates you by being a role model and by reasuring you, that you can achiveve your goals as well, as long as you believe in yourself and strive to make your dreams come true. Mimi, thank you for helping me become my best self! 💓
Diana Perez
Diana Perez
Mimi is a great mindset coach and fitness instructor. Her energy is something you want to be close to in order to achieve your goals and feel energized, positive and motivated.
Gerli Sch
Gerli Sch
Das ganzheitliche Coaching bei Markus hat mir sehr deutlich gezeigt, dass es keinen Grund mehr gibt mir weiterhin ein „Polster“ anzulegen...ich sollte mein Gewicht mal bewusster aus einem anderen Blickwinkel betrachten, meinte er. Markus sagte: Im Wort Gewicht steckt schon das „Wichtig“ mit drinnen. Und Recht hat er - genau mein Thema...wichtig werden für mich und für andere, Raum einnehmen und die eigenen Grenzen ausdehnen und setzen. Markus geht sehr einfühlsam mit diesem etwas heiklen Thema vor. Nichts desto trotz sind die Gespräche mit ihm immer humorvoll und lustig, auch wenn es darum geht, auf das „dicke Fell“ zu verzichten und er unterstützt mich dabei andere Schutzmechanismen zu entwickeln. Nach jedem Coaching mit ihm fühle ich mich wie frisch gedopt 😂 Mir ist inzwischen klar geworden, dass ich keinen körperlichen „Rettungsring“ mehr brauche.Vor meinem inneren Auge sehe ich mich wieder so schlank und fit wie vor ein paar Jahren.Ich bin auf dem besten Weg zu mehr Wohlbefinden und zurück zur Wunschfigur - und diesmal dauerhaft 💃 Vielen herzlichen Dank lieber Markus.
Yas Boltt
Yas Boltt
Mimi & Markus are not only incredible coaches but the perfect match if you want to have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. They will guide you consciously through your journey, not only on a nutrition and fitness basis but also taking care of what is important for you as a person. I really recommend them!
Mimi and Markus are the best team I have worked with. In every meeting, we had they would both bring positive energy and attitude, which would keep me motivated to keep going forward and complete my goal. Mimi is a lovely person, she gave me great ideas for meal plans and good tips for nutrition options. Ever since I met her my meal habits have changed, I am in better control of my food cravings and got interested in exercising more. She created a personalized workout plan just for me which fits me ideally with my capabilities and constantly keeps me motivated to keep trying. She also invited me to join weekly group workout sessions with other customers that she and Markus are coaching and I feel closer to them and to my personal goal. In addition, Markus is a professional at giving beneficial advice mostly related to subconscious behavior and overcoming your challenges which are related to exercises and diet. He helped me change the habits that were harming my progress and to become more confident in my body. I was surprised how deep the coaching actually goes. It was much more than I expected in a very positive sense. Because of that, not only my health and fitness level improved drastically, but also other areas in my life such as relationships and general confidence. That's why I would recommend their health and coaching services to anyone because they really care about their clients.
Maurice Greve
Maurice Greve
Mimi is an excellent coach and trainer. She has a great deal of expertise in her fields which showed in a terriffic way while working with her. Training together with her is fun, effective and motivating. If you want an experienced professional who propels your own journey forward, then Mimi is your best choice. Greetings Maurice
Alica Cechvalova
Alica Cechvalova
Mimi was my mentor for a few months - if it wasn’t for her, I’m sure I’d have already given up! She was always super attentive and she’d make sure I make progress. She asks the kind of questions that you’d never ask yourself, hence you’re unblocking a lot of answers within yourself. I really enjoyed the coaching process and Mimi has definitely helped me to get on the right path, which I’m be forever grateful for xx
Larisa G
Larisa G
I love the energy that Mimi and Markus as a team bring through the meetings that I had with them. Mimi taught me important nutrition basics, introducing me to better meal options, since I met her, my habits have changed. I am happy to say that I am managing sugar and food cravings much better now compared to the past. She always manages to keep me motivated to workout, something I was terrified of in the past, by making me a personalized workout plan and by planning weekly group workouts with other customers that she and Markus are coaching. On the other hand,Markus is very talented at giving meaningful mindset advice, he will help you discover subconscious behaviours related to fears that you developed & have associated over time with fitness or diet. His role is to help you overcome emotional/mental walls. So far I am on the right track to losing weight. I absolutely recommend their health & coaching services specially because they take a holistic approach when it comes to health.
Mania Korzeniecka
Mania Korzeniecka
Amazing person to be around. Not only passionate about her job, but also approaches everyone very individually with positive attitude and the heart on her hand. Additionally, represent unbelievably impressive knowledge in the field of nutritionist and body health. Highly recommend!


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These are all real clients of ours who share their real opinions. Nobody was compensated for these videos in any way! 

We cannot guarantee you results. All of the awesome people on this website worked hard for their success and they really deserved it!

These successes are usually only possible if you speak to us 1: 1 beforehand in a free consultation session and get to know our strategy for your individual situation.

This is NOT a "promising wonders overnight" program. This comes from a real company (registered in the commercial register), with real employees and real customers. 

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